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Prime Materials

Prime steel is steel that passes all manufacturing inspection tests in manufacturing and is available on the “primary” raw materials market with its high quality. Galvanized steel is defined as a carbon steel sheet coated with zinc on both sides. Since hot-dip galvanized steel products are characterized in excellent formability, weldability, paintability as well as anti corrosion, they can meet the high quality requirements of the users. Hot-dip galvanized steel products are now being used in a wide range of automobiles, electrical equipments and other industrial machinery as well as in civil engineering and construction and etc…


Prime Coils

1mm to 2mm


0.6 to 3mm

Tin Sheet

0.15 to 04mm

EG, GI,GA Coils

1200 to 19000
Prime EG GI Coils
Prime EG GI CR Coils
Prime PPGI & PPGL Coils
Prime EG GI Coils
Prime EG GI CR Coils
Prime EG GI CR Coils

Secondary Materials

Refined metallurgy formed by casting hot metal depressurization.


Slit coils

600 to 1600
Secondary color cut sheet
Secondary EG GI CR coils
Secondary EG GI CR Sheets
Secondary EG GI CR Silet coils
Secondary EG Cut Sheet
secondary GI cut sheet
Secondary misprint Tin Sheet
Secondary PPGI Cut Sheet
Secondary Tin sheet
Secondary Tin coils
Secondary Tin cutting sheet

Steel Pipes

Secondary seamless pipes